General Underwriting Guidelines
General Underwriting Guidelines

Designed to provide an outline of the procedures and documentation required to process commercial real estate loans for Marques Commercial Capital. We will originate commercial loans consistent with our guidelines. Primary consideration will be given to the value of the real estate securing the loan and the likelihood that our loan can be repaid by the cash flow from the property.

In the risk evaluation process areas of most importance are:

  • Strength of real estate
  • Cash flow adequacy of the property
  • Strength of the local real estate market
  • Adequacy of financial data
  • Borrower's credit history
  • Experience of Management

Credit analysts will rely on our real estate group to review and to evaluate the strength of the real estate, but should take care to incorporate those findings into the final approval decision. In addition, we will evaluate the borrower’s credit history, underwrite the title report to ensure our loan is a first lien on the property, review relevant inspection reports and purchase contracts (if applicable), review borrower disclosures and the application, assess any environmental concerns and evaluate the complete file for creditworthiness.